That's smart investment!

With Vegawaren® we make healthy eating easy, for everyone who wants to eat consciously and deliciously. At any time of the day, easy to combine with various fiber-rich crackers and breads!

Vegetarian spread on:

Grilled sandwich



Our products

Vegawaren® is made with health in mind, low in calories in the right amount of energy, provided with all essential nutrients. Vegetarian products contain important monounsaturated fatty acids and few saturated fatty acids. Including important vitamins with all additional minerals. Ideal for limiting portion size and lowering sugars and saturated fats.


The Vegawaren® flavors are for sale at the Plus supermarket. Sprint to the nearest store, with the opportunity to taste right away. We provide a number of tastings at the various locations from week 6 to 9. Lots of healthy eating pleasure!

Vegawaren® the new vegetable spread for making tasty and conscious choices.

Topping with vegetables, the new 'Vegawaren®' is also for your daily amount, natural in taste without additives, purely natural for an optimal nutritional contribution, which your body needs every day.